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Welcome to Penguingame Studios, where you can broadcast a bunch of games.

Featured Game

Main article: Sudoku Universe

Currently, the featured game is Sudoku Universe.

Game Maturity Rates

Typically, these are the ratings for what age you must play one of our wikis' games:

  • Youth (Y): Officially for anyone. Typically has educational content, general language, and almost no violence.
  • General (G): For ages 6 years and up. Typically has mild cartoon and fantasy violcence, has mild language.
  • For 9+ (F9): For ages 9 years and up. Typically has mild cartoon violence and/or amounts of fantasy violence, has mild language, and use of allergies/burning.
  • Twelve (12): For ages 12 years and up. Typically has mass of cartoon and fantasy violence, use of burns and disasters, mild language.
  • Mature (MA): For ages 17 and up.

All games

To see a full list of official games and stories, go to the community portal.