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This features all the best games on PenguinGame Studios.


The official featured game is Universe Traveler I.

Current Review

   An awesome game, by (Classified)

Opening: I think this is great, so far. My best part is the one with the dojos' Mega Bot battle!


Ant Bear Cat

You are a person who saves town by teaching the kids words. First, you will have to teach and learn words like ant, bear, cat, hence the name. Then, later on, more difficult words will be taught. There are two modes: Word Mode and Picture Mode.

Penguin Rating: Rated Y for Youth. Educational, no violence and friendly language.

Cushionette Mania

You control the game as a cushionette called Edbert, who is a hero to stop his species from sharks and lions.

Penguin Rating: Rated G for General. Mild violence, use of fantasy.

Sudoku Universe (Featured!)

Who loves Sudoku? Play this fun challenge, you are able to explore 5 planets, and solve puzzles before your health goes all the way down. You can't just try the regular and demo modes, but there is also a score mode (being able to snag as high of a score as you can), a secret mode (harder than normal mode), and a ninja mode (hardest Sudoku mode in game).

Walkthroughs: Sudoku Universe has walkthroughs.

Penguin Rating: Rated G for General. Mild cartoon and fantasy violence, mild humor.

Universe Traveler 1

A game started in 2011 from the Create Your Own Adventure (was then called the Choose Your own Adventure wiki). Travel the cosmos as Jazoo, and crank your year up until the time you go back to school! Over 190 types of objects can be in your alliance, and many others not going to be in your alliance!

Walkthroughs: Universe Traveler I has walkthroughs.

Reviews: Universe Traveler I has 1 review in total.

Penguin Rating: Rated F9 for 9+. Mild cartoon violence, amounts of fantasy violence, mild slang and humor.