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Penguingame Conference 2013 - Several New Games Await Your Futures!

We are going to have new games for a time by the end of this old domain. One of them is a sequel to Universe Traveler, called Universe Traveler 2, which was announced by me, the founder in 2012 telling that there will be multiple players and playable characters such as Dr. Shark, Jeremiah the Bullfrog, and more, but two newly announced playable characters called Pudgepuff the Cloud and Doc the Tapir have been announced, adding the total to about eight playable characters.


Some new extensions announced for the migration of the wiki

Another thing you may have been waiting for... are going to be mentioned! See below for details.


Independent Domain and migration coming in 2014

We have set our wiki to be migrated, data backed up and transferred to its own new domain, all by February 2014. When this happens, every profile and page will be backed up and possibly most users, target and performed actions by all those users will be transferred as well. New extensions and skins are coming your way in this update, so stay tuned!


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